Tuesday, May 17, 2016
By HnM Photoz
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There are certain people I feel were meant to cross paths with, and Seyi and John are two of them. These two have a playful, lighthearted relationship that kept our photo session fun and lively, and their wedding was certainly indicative of the connection they share together.  Besides being 100% purely good, kind-hearted people, Seyi and John are also really fun, smart, and quirky in the most delightful, refreshing way.  It was a joy to take part as the photographer in their wedding:  beautiful, honest emotion, a unique location that made for an intimate ceremony, and most importantly a party that wouldn’t stop. There are some couples that work hard in creating a beautiful setting in which to get married and celebrate. But Seyi and John created an environment comprised of the people that truly loved them. The effort, attention, selflessness, love, and care they put into the celebration was enough to turn a common thing into something magnificent. Sounds a lot like marriage itself.

Wedding Planner:          Atarah Rey Concierge 
Photographer:               HnMPhotoz
Videographer:               WaleVista Studio
Master of Ceremony:     Seyi Brown 
Disc Jockey:                  DJ Baboo
Live Band:                    Latunde Silver
Make-up Artist (Bride):  Tiyana Robinson Beauty
Make-up Artist (BMs):    Pink Danity
Venue:                          Hampton Conference Center
Decorator:                     Hampton Conference Center
Caterer:                        Hampton Conference Center
Limousine:                    Bayside Limousines
Tuesday, May 10, 2016
By HnM Photoz
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Congratulations to John & Oluwaseyi as they start their journey together forever! So excited for these two, who recently celebrated their traditional engagement past Thursday. We also covered their beautiful all day wedding ceremony/reception the following Saturday (Blog coming soon!!). Traditional engagement is an event where you see formal meetings between the couple's families, the offer of a dowry and an engagement ceremony. We as a team of husband/wife got to capture this beautiful and colorful event.

Wedding Planner: Atarah Rey Concierge
Make-up: Divine Touch Beauty
Head Tie: Yemi Jembola
Music: DJ Kloongg
Photographer: HnMPhotoz
Videographer: WaleVista Studio
Venue: Diamondz Event Center
Decorator: Mrs. Atinuke