January 26, 2019

When this beautiful couple came to me, I still remember the bond between them was apparent. Though, I sense this thing in almost every couple I shoot, but I must say the moment Emallie and Tyler started talking about their big day, I too no time to be struck by the incredible bond between them. As Emallie spoke about each moment that how she wanted it to be, her eyes sparkled like a jewel. While Tyler just could not help himself looking at his love and blushing like anything.

The couple seemed to be poles apart, as I found Emallie to be extrovert since it’s her idea to shoot on beach landscape. On the other hand, the young gentleman, Tyler looked much like an introvert, a person who is deeply sensitive at heart. Still, they compliment each other and I could see they completely adored one another.

We kicked off the photo-session with pre-wedding clicks. Below is the elegant dress, Emallie chose to wear on her big day, the sandals and her expensive-looking, laser-cut diamond studded earrings.  

Here comes the symbol of eternal love, devotion and an agreement between two parties to love and cherish one another for the rest of their days. I thought to intensify the beauty of this click by placing this diamond wedding ring in between of the loveliest and colorful flowers.

Why diamond-ring only? The moment this question popped in my head, I took no time to ask Emallie. And you know what she came up with?

She believes that diamonds have been associated with eternity because of their enduring nature and strength, while there is also an association between diamonds and love. This makes them the perfect stone to symbolise the love of a married couple.

Here came the time when I could see the hustle bustle of wedding preparations. The Bride and groom were busy getting ready to look their best, after all, who doesn’t want to look perfect on their wedding day?

When I got to see Emallie in her dressing room, the only question that came in my mind was if she was nervous.

And I got my answer when I noticed the mix-feeling in her smile. It seemed like it’s the day she had been waiting for so long; yet, when this day finally arrived, her heartbeat went up and all she could feel was thousands of thoughts making their way in her mind.

I thought to calm her down and made her feel any better. And nothing could do this better than my sense of humor.

So, while talking to her, I asked her if I clicked the following click of her, wearing this gorgeous dress. And as expected she didn’t mind my capturing of this precious moment!

Since Emallie was quite overwhelmed and kind of nostalgic; I caught her reading this old-love letter that Tyler wrote her years back.

Of course, I could see how special this piece of paper was for Emallie. The way she was reading each and every word again and again with smile and tears at the same time. I didn’t waste a single second, and rushed for capturing this momentous click.

This is the moment that melted my heart. When Emallie appeared in front of Tyler; he, being a silent and introvert person, could not express his feeling and his tears helped him do so. The deep emotions are apparent in the shot below. And the picture can better explain that moment than my words!

Here comes the most significant part of the wedding ceremony which is the Wedding Vow. It was important for me to give my best for this lovely couple. Below is what I shot, the smiles are apparent on both the bride and groom’s faces as they were following the wordings of the vow.

Finally, here comes the time for the marriage pronouncement. “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride!” It’s when the officiant announces the marriage and sets the stage for the big smooch.

Once the marriage is pronounced and the kiss is done. It is time for the celebration!!!! The big and beautiful smile Emallie is wearing in the click below is the best thing I have ever shot. And the way Tyler is looking at his LOVE tells us a lot.

The set of order for this wedding ceremony had ring exchanging event too. In which both the bride and groom exchange rings. Why is it ring only? It is because a circle has no beginning or end and is, therefore, a symbol of infinity.  It is endless, eternal; just the way love should be.

Below is the perfect moment with the perfectly clicked shot.

Now it’s time to ditch the candids and pose for the perfect bride and groom picture. The bigger the smile, the better the click. Emallie and Tyler made it looked perfect and yet natural.

Bang Bang!! Dinner time. The picture below, capturing the precious moments of the bride and grooms with their friends and family while relishing delicious food.

Lastly, here comes the gigantic, three-story, beautiful white wedding cake with flowers, matching the event theme. Safe to say, it cannot be better than this.

So, this was all from Emallie and Tyler’s wedding ceremony. The event was equally great as the couple is. My heartfelt wishes that they both enjoy the joy and happiness that they both deserve Amen.


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