How Parents can Nurture their Children

March 27, 2019
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Here’s How Parents Can Nurture Their Children In The Best Possible Manner!

Source: Parents Magazine

Another word for innocence is children. They are a gift from God! A reason for our happiness! When we are filled with clouds of worries, they are enjoying the colors of life. They are busy spending time with themselves. There is no blessing like having a child for parents. They need nothing but love and care. They just need time, and this is what parents should give them.

Since children are born with a blank slate; even the minor event can leave a significant impact on their personalities. I always worry about the parents of this generation. Since, parenting gets more challenging in this age and time; with having so much around us as a distraction. To this end, I thought to present some tips that can help parents nurture their children in the best possible ways.

What’s the best way of nurturing your child?

Source: Source: NSPCC

  • Unconditional Love & Acceptance But Not on the Cost of Spoiling them

Showing love to them is essential to make them feel happy; to make them realize that their parents are always with them. However, showing unconditional love to them can spoil them. When parents take their child’s side even when they are wrong will lead to devastation, the devastation of their career, they’ll misbehave. Parents should teach children to respect elders, to apologize for the elders even when they are right showing the sign of respect.

  • Prioritize them over Anything

Source: KleverMind

Other than that, we shall make them understand that family and friends are more important than money! Giving respect to people ignoring all the other facts; how much rich or poor a person is. The first and foremost thing kept in his mind shall be EQUALITY. Everyone is equal; no matter of his cast, skin color, religion or appearance.

  • Kill this Generation Gap

Source: Parents Magazine

Parents shall make their children, their friends. A child will only share his/ her feelings with a friend. When parents are too strict, children will tend to hide things from them. Too many restrictions will lead to nothing but spoiling a child. When a parent talks to his child like a friend, then the child will listen to his parents as well, because he won’t be hiding anything from that and if he doesn’t like anything then he will share it with them.

  • Teach them Moral Values And Basic Ethics


Parents shall teach their children real moral values and ethics of life. They shall talk to them in loud volume even if they are angry so that the child understands them. What can a child learn if you just keep on shouting? Be polite to them and listen to their opinions. If you just keep on placing rules in front of them, they’ll move away from you. They won’t understand your love.

  • Say Not to Comparison -Please!

Never compare your child with someone else. Everyone is unique in his own way. Don’t say to your child that look at that person or look at the way he’s walking or eating or anything like that. You have got a brilliant child, and you just need to know his talent. Try to understand what he’s good at, what are his dreams? What does he want to be? Don’t order him to become a doctor, an engineer or whatsoever. Keep on encouraging your child to enhance more and succeed in life.

  • Choose a Moderate Way of Parenting

Source: Parenting Matters

Being too much lenient can spoil a child. Moreover, you shall teach discipline to your child. Discipline is a vital part of life. Make your child confident; he shall try to live independently.

  • Inculcate Kindness in them

Source: FirstCry Parenting

We should teach our children to love every creature through our behavior as it has an essential effect on their life.

  • Accept and Love them For What they’re

Source: Rediscovered Families

Parents should understand this thing that everyone is unique, and they should keep on loving their child unconditionally.

Despite of all the challenges of modern parenting; if you keep these few rules of thumbs in your mind; you are sure to outperform in parenting. Do let us know what is taken on this topic. Also, tell us what challenges are you facing as a parent, in the comments below.

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