Indian Wedding Cards

May 6, 2019
Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding invitation cards are the used token of love and bonding which merely displays the barbarous custom, tricky rituals and cultural lifestyle of civil marriage.

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Weddings are considered to be made in heaven and celebrated on earth, wherein the bride, groom and their circle of relatives members place all of the feasible efforts to make the event memorable.

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The whole system simply begins with printing of the wedding invitation wedding cards. wedding cards vary in step with unbiased choice, subject matter and style.

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It merely serves as a sad reminder and gives facts approximately all the private details of the grand wedding to the venerated guest.

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Custom designed wedding cards of various religions like muslim, sikh, hindu, and so on. Are to be had in any corner of the sector.

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Marriages are no more about two people, the delicious food, the majestic grandeur, ideal venue, floral decoration and everything else carries out a significant role.

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When it comes to Indian Weddings, everyone wishes to have the best of the possible. Amongst all the small and big things, Marriage Invite plays a vital role.

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An Indian wedding invites is the first thing that anyone notices about the wedding. It is through these invites that people typically start guessing correctly how a successful marriage will be.

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These invites typically consist of all those essential details that give the appropriate information about the prospective bride and groom, and family along with the suitable venue, date, considerable time of all functions.

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The considerable variety of rare cards is not merely limited to the considerable outlay as per the religious preferences, but also unique designs and modest budget. The increasing demand for the current generation has been kept in mind.

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People repeatedly demand rare cards with preferred colors and meticulously detailing which are then crafted specially.

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Designer wedding card

These Designer Wedding Cards from India have been undoubtedly gaining a lot of enduring popularity by considerable time.

These modern days for selecting wedding cards; people look for an option of various intelligent designs and colour combinations which the honored guests have not seen formerly.

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Designer invitation cards are mostly of multi colour, a gold crinkle card, a cream card in a photo frame shape, also include Red Flap card with the couple’s illuminated initials on the flap.


Purple card with golden peacocks imprinted on it and much more.

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You can also look for a extensive customization in these designs and alter the colours per your specific needs.

Hindu Wedding Cards

Everyone naturally wants to typically make the wedding as memorable as possible and one essential aspect to it is precisely the invitation card.

Hindu wedding cards are positively identified as Lagna Patrika that accurately reflects the traditional and spiritual values followed by modern Indians.

Digital Wedding Invitations

Digital Invitations are perfect for those who wish to send more than just an invite, typically consisting of a small video with instrumental music of one’s excellent choice. These rare cards can never get old or lost, so that’s another distinct advantage.

Christian Wedding Cards

Christian wedding cards are known for its majestic style and remarkable uniformity.

The wedding day typically provides an extraordinary sight to carefully observe the engaged couple when the bride walks down in a white dazzling gown with her groom in a dashing suit (mostly in black).

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The family naturally wants the same to get highlighted in the wedding cards.

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The range of hearty greetings and kind invitations typically offered are precisely like gold printed card on a sheet coloured with moonlit sea blue colour, maroon shaded card with white print or in gold, on an off-white paper a intelligent design and creative writings in black or even a cream coloured card with the golden border and a unique style like a photo frame.

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Sikh Wedding Cards

A red card with gold print on it, a golden sikh motif on a blue card, an orange card with gold design and plenty more. You can carefully select the intelligent design with lovely colour.

Bespoke Cards

The bespoke wedding cards can be exclusively designed as in step with the cultured desire and great choice of the loyal client.

Bespoke cards come with cute detailing designer work; those wedding card designs are so beautiful that humans are awestruck through it.

Islamic (Muslim) Wedding Cards

Grand & Royal Wedding Cards

The Grand & Royal Wedding Cards are precisely for those who wish to typically include the gentle touch of considered royalty to their fantastic day.

One can carefully select a rare card typically depending upon their modest budget.

Interfaith Wedding Cards

Scroll Wedding Cards

The scroll wedding cards can be carefully chosen from a considerable variety of viable options, the brilliant color, the font, and everything else can be customized as per the specific requirement.

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In the mythological period, all significant announcements were issued with the help of scrolls. To entertain a similar thought in the kind invitations, you should go for a scroll card.

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A broad range of scroll wedding cards is present with viable options like small scrolls, fabric scrolls, metallic or handmade or woolly scrolls, leading end and the most unique of all the Cinderella theme scrolls.

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In addition to these you can typically have viable options for the considerable length of rare card or even the sustainable packaging of it in the rare form of a box or in an official envelope.

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Merely select one of these, select a considerable quantity, typically require the direct payment and we will be naturally delighted to typically deliver it at the presidential address of your excellent choice.


The Indian wedding card designs are often enough to instantly attract the honored guest but for those who wish to add a little more spark to their invitation cards.

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Those people who wants something different beside of normal invitation; they can simply add delicious chocolates, nuts, different gift items along with their invitation cards. This way can be more attractive and different from the normal invitations.

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In the past, the people did not pay any attention to the invitation cards, they were not really important as they are these days.

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Invitation cards play an important role in any wedding occasion to invite the honoured guest, to voluntarily join the joyous celebrations.

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Nowadays these have instantly become a visible symbol of Hindu rituals, local customs and prosperity in the functions.

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Religious symbols such as Lord Ganesha, Lord shiva, Goddess Saraswati are embedded in rich texture to eagerly seek the abundant blessings of God.

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A wedding invitation merely units the primary lasting affect approximately the whole occasion. The private card simply holds every exigent detail about the selected date, local time, ideal venue, non-public data of the possible groom and the adorable bride.

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Indian weddings are synonymous to goals and dreams of the bridegroom, card making companies are the one who are geared up to layout your dream wedding ceremony card.

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Choose the first-rate and perfect invitation card from a whole lot of present day card designs and commence your wedding ceremony training short.



Wedding cards cautiously unroll the air of mystery of cultural subculture and way of life. As chennai weddings are always recognized to be traditional, wedding planners in chennai brings you the maximum particular wedding cards with ethnic issues, photo elite cards and much greater.

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Fondly believe the specific creativity and usually see them coming alive with chennai wedding card vendors. Ranging from eccentric cartoon playing cards to sleek formal cards, there are a couple of alternatives you acquire to pick from their collections.

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Preserving in thoughts the converting trends and desire, they offer the tailor made cards fitting your call for inside your price range.

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In this modern generation, wherein we talk earnestly approximately virtual india, the online wedding ceremony card designers in chennai include e-invitation wedding cards with national and worldwide delivery.

Digital wedding ceremony cards are usually reasonably-priced, presents immediately rsvp, saves money and time.


In case you are residing in hyderabad and searching ahead to starting your wedding preparations then the companies of hyderabad are there to help you treasure the beautiful memories.

They are simply renowned vendors with years antique experience presenting colourful and elegant designed cards with elaborate and welcoming designs.

Hand made cards with superb designs and with extraordinary end are available in their collections which depart an enduring effect for your visitors. A opposing group of involved specialists and photograph designers assists you and scarcely listens to you in order that the outcoming work matches your non-public expectations.

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Some offers the precise possibility to customize your wedding ceremony card graciously in keeping with your private preference of contrasting coloration, design and used font.

Hyderabad wedding card providers are robust of their personal ethics and type phrases and are ready to allegedly assist you in all possible approaches.


Alternatively, bengaluru wedding card companies are specialized in boutique designs. They offer both to prepared to apply, and customized cards.

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Online consumer interplay facility is commercially to be had which brings your thoughts and mind to lifestyles. Inexpensive and award-winning designs, with a few specific designs featured in brides uk magazine and blogs, key bengaluru carriers have excelled in viable terms of patron pleasure and emotional best.


Incredible hindu wedding card wordings for invites

Gone enduring those days when a messenger became appointed by the families; to send invitation to relatives and pals for the wedding. In those instances, the invitation wedding cards replicate repute and sophistication of the host.

Both the households allegedly spend quality time and essential cash to simply pick, customize and give a non-public contact to the wedding invitation cards.

Apart from the card layout, the opposite element that carry out a pivotal position in each hindu wedding ceremony invitation is the invitation wording.

However, selecting the great hindu invitation wording can be noticeably difficult at times.

This is due to the fact, it is merely the used phrases in order to simply allow you to commonly reach out your uncommon warm temperature and love to your deceased relatives and loved ones. Let’s examine some of the terms or matters that may enhance the overall appearance of your hindu wedding invitation.

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Addition of acquainted phrases and lyrical verses:

Spiritual verses accompanied exactly from the religious scriptures can consist of a touch of hindu subculture to the cards.

For example:

“mangalam bhagwan vishnu mangalam garuda dhwaja,

Mangalam pundarikaksha mangalaya tano hari,”

Such verses will simply upload greater strange grace to the marriage card.

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Apart from beautifying your invitation, you have to also check whether or not the diverse info noted to your hindu wedding ceremony card are accurate.

The rsvp info and sample, the date, time and venue of the wedding need to be truly stated.


Indian wedding invitation cards add a new means to the way you invite the friends and the family members on the wedding ceremony. We all recognize the importance of price range on the rite and as a result our crew has sufficient device and idea to make sure that we cater you the exceptional within the finances that you have.

You just need to tell us your necessities and price range and the card maker company really dazzle you with their innovation and approach.

For the Indian wedding invitation cards many people have got a team of professional designers which have the adeptness and the experience of getting designed indian wedding ceremony cards for all sorts of wedding.

Indian wedding ceremony invitations designed in conventional hindu fashion or right muslim fashion or maybe the christian style based for your faith.

Many printing companies make every type of card.

Many printing service offer you with handcrafted wedding cards which are specifically designed in your wedding.

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The quality of paper used in the wedding cards is also past expectancies something so as to take you through wonder. Many good printing companies are not right here to make cash and income but they are right here to make your wedding ceremony invitations unique.

Many people realize that they will make their brand name a pinnacle one most effective by means of serving the customers inside the right way. They are absolutely committed to the duties that they have in hand and they serve you in a way that no person will.

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