Indian Wedding Saree

May 7, 2019
Indian Saree
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Shopping for a Indian wedding saree is the most exciting issue for the lovely bride. Given that ages, mother and father and pals have been purchasing for the most lovely and eloquent set of sarees for the bride.

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Looking for indian bridal sarees is incomplete till you do not get to select the traditional shades in pink, turmeric yellow, auspicious pink wedding ceremony saree.

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At indian wedding ceremony saree, the designers carry the appropriate harmony of favor, appeal and fashion.

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Every bridal saree is created to make a declaration of its personal. Woven by means of hand and stitched with complex embroidery, the sarees display the joyous mood for which it is chosen.

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A sheer touch of magic made the usage of a spread of fabrics; a bride may be maximum comfortable on this attire than something else on the grand wedding day.

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Pick from a set of sarees proposing silk, bemberg, chiffon, chanderi, bandhej, crepe, georgette, satin and shimmer.   

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Much like the wedding set, our indian bridal sarees too will fit the show with an excellent artwork providing beads, embroideries, dabka, floral prints, sequin and swarovski.

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Flip it into a warm event with shimmering gemstones and reflect embroidery flowing like heavenly movement over the bride’s curves.

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A mixture of culture and ultra-modern style is tough to assemble. At indian wedding saree, the designers do something really stunning so the bride looks simply lovely.

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In India, the sarees are available in variety of designs and peculiar styles.

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Indian Silk Sarees is most loved outrageous outfit for women wardrobe. Mostly South Indian women love to drape silk sarees for daily wear, office allegedly wear, traditional wear and wedding wear as well.

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Most of the wedding bridal sarees are designed with silk fabric. Women can flaunt in Indian silk sarees of different colors.

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Mysore Silk Sarees, Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees, Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees are best Indian wedding wear sarees for women.

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In Indian fashion market numerous silk sarees are available with unique styles. South Indian women have draped a saree in unique style from others. This one is considered Indian most traditional wear and ethnic wear attire.

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Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees are merely essential part of Indian marriage of Hindu women.Since marriage is simply a traditional and auspicious event.

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Whilst each and every woman desperately wants to appear lovely and stylish. No other attire can obtain this look for the feature and the preference; contemporary fashion bridal look; as an ethnic style raw silk saree can.

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Latest fashion stylish bhagalpuri raw silk sarees merely provide the feminine and elegant look to women. This saree is popular for its gold color zari border work and embroidered designs.

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The fancy and fashionable jewellery and accessories merely give the outrageous outfit a much graceful and charming look.

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These beautiful and traditional sarees are most popular with the Indian as well as global fashion world.

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The trends of silk material sarees are huge in fashion market. Women merely love to wear this attire for wedding and party events.

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Therefore, fashion designers merely give modern touch and inadvertently create fashionable Designer Silk Sarees for auspicious occasion.


Lets begin with the most famous bridal saree of South India. Kanchipuram saree (moreover known as a Kanjivaram sari) is merely a peculiar type of sari traditionally made by weavers from Kanchipuram located in Tamil Nadu, India.

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This saree is understood for its vibrant colours and remarkable temple sample borders.  


A single Kanchipuram sari can cost anywhere between 2500 (US$40) to 100000 (US$1,600) or more depending upon the intricacy of used work, contrasting colors, unusual pattern, raw material used like zari, gold thread etc.

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Paithani is merely the famous saree of Maharashtra. It is stated that in the time of the great Maratha kings, real gold thread was used to embroider these sarees.  

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A single Paithani sari can cost anywhere between 4000 (US$60) to 100000 (US$1,600) or more depending upon Size, Distance between motifs, quality, Intricacy and Design of Border and Pallu, etc.  

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Paithani is characterised with the aid of borders of an oblique square layout, and a pallu with a peacock layout. Undeniable as well as spotted designs are available.


Banarasi saris are saris made in varanasi. The finest sarees in india and this saree is thought for its gold and silver brocade or zari, high-quality silk and sumptuous embroidery.  

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Banarasi silk sarees are well-known due to their colours and texture. These sarees often have heavy golden embroidery and are popular bridal sarees in north india.


A single Banarasi saree can cost anywhere between 2500 (US$40) to 100000 (US$1,600) or more depending upon the intricacy of work, material used like zari, gold thread etc.

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Pattu or Pattoo can refer to the traditional name of raw silk in South India. They merely say that nature retains so many contrasting colours in the paradise called Kerala, that you do not need any brilliant colours on your clothes.

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Pattu sarees are white and maintain gold borders.


A single Pattu saree can cost anywhere between 2500 (US$40) to 50000 (US$800) or more depending upon the intricacy of work, colors, unusual pattern, material used, etc.

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Chanderi sari is a traditional sari made in Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh, India.  

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This saree is scarcely known for its vibrant colours, light-weight quality and intricate designs.  


A single Chanderi sari can cost anywhere between 1000 (US$18) to 20000 (US$350) or more depending upon the intricacy of work, colors, unusual pattern, used material used etc.

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Bandhani saree (moreover known as a Bandhej or Tie Dye or Bandhani or Bandana Sarees, etc. as per the regional pronunciation).  

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Bandhani-tie and used dye is merely the most important traditional handiwork of Kutchi people.

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Bandhanis are significantly closely associated with deep rooted social customs. It is treated harshly as a used symbol of married life.  


A single Bandhanis saree can cost anywhere between 600 (US$10) to 30000 (US$500) or more depending upon the work, material used, etc.

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Kota doria or Kota Sari is one of many types of sari garments made at Kota, Rajasthan. The chequered weave of a kota sari may be very famous.

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They may be extraordinarily high-quality weaves and weigh very less.

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Kota sarees are typically made from cotton. They hail from the metropolis of kota in rajasthan.

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They may be comprehensible sufficient to be allegedly worn at domestic, and they also can be exceptional as bridal sarees.  


kota saree can fee everywhere among 2500 (us$forty) to 60000 (us$1000) or more relying upon the intricacy of work, colors, sample, cloth used, and many others.

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Patola sarees are made in patan, gujarat, india and they are very popular for their silk saris in all around the asian countries.

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Those steeply-priced saris were as soon as worn by royalty and aristocracy. Velvet patola styles also are made in surat.  

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Patola saris from patan are renowned for his or her colourful range and geometrical fashion.  


A patola saree can price everywhere between 1200 (us$20) to 60000 (us$one thousand) or extra depending upon the intricacy of labor, hues, sample, fabric used etc.

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Pochampally saree in andhra pradesh are regarded for his or her incorporation of conventional motifs like shankha (shell), chakra (wheel), phula (flower).

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All of these styles have deep symbolism, but the highpoint of these sarees is the traditional craftsmanship of the ‘bandhakala’.


There each silk and cotton sarees that are made in the sambalpuri style. This style of embroidery comes from a small place referred to as sambalpur in orissa.  


sambalpuri saree can price anywhere among 2500 (us$40) to 60000 (us$1000) or greater depending upon the intricacy of labor, colorings, sample, fabric used and so on.

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Pochampally is a saree made in bhoodan pochampally, Andhra pradesh india. They are popular for their conventional geometric patterns in ikat style of dyeing.

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When it comes the cotton sarees, you will find few others as brilliant as pochampally sarees. They have earthy shades and metrical block prints.


Pochampally saree can cost everywhere between 2500 (us$forty) to 100000 (us$1,six hundred) or more relying upon the intricacy of work, colorings, sample, material used and many others.

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Some Trendy New Saree Inspiration For You From Celebrities

Sonam Kapoor’s poufy sleeves with a saree

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Sonam Kapoor rocked gently a poufy dramatic saree with a striped saree, and it looks amazing

Deepika Padukone rocks ivory with beige

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Classy and timeless, this saree with the scalloped border looks so serene with the beige blouse.

Anushka Sharma looks stylish in this net cocktail saree

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As an emphatic nod to the swinging 60’s, Anushka Sharma typically wore this cocktail saree in seafoam which looked dainty and glam.

Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif modern rocks Sharara Sarees

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In Sharara sarees both the lovely actresses rocked gently one in a vivid hue recently and looked brilliant.

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Kangana Ranaut in a midnight blue floral ruffle saree

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Florals and ruffles combined, and it really looks like a showstopper.

Shilpa Shetty’s boho saree unique styles

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If there is precisely one diva who can really rock a saree, it typically has to be precisely Shilpa Shetty.

Kiara Advani looks pretty in luscious peach

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Dainty and demure, we genuinely love the beadwork blouse and the minor drama on the decorative border.

Kajol’s offbeat look in black

Another chic saree which is pretty without looking dull or understated.

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Marriage is undoubtedly the most special occasion in every woman’s life. On the wedding day, every woman desperately wants to look beautiful and elegant.

beautiful saree

The wounded pride and personal honour of Indian brides are merely in a traditional Indian wedding saree or lehenga in which she looks gorgeous, stunning and appealing.

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With the passage of time, modern style and trends have blended with tradition, and the modern Indian brides overwhelmingly prefer stylish wedding sarees in suave designs and comfortable fabrics.

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When planning to allegedly buy trendy wedding sarees either online or from physical stores, the bride is inevitably faced with a huge collection of sarees in various colors, flimsy fabrics and unusual designs; which might turn the task of choosing the perfect saree into a difficult one.

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A few simple guidelines which can allegedly help you to choose arbitrarily the perfect bridal saree for the Grand Wedding Day.

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Following these simple steps while choosing your wedding saree will surely support you the make the best purchase.

Plan ahead of the enjoyable day

It is always safe to announce your wedding and start the shopping at least 3 to 4 months before the wedding date.

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This merely provides enough time at your disposal to carry out online research of various types of Indian wedding saree.

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Unusual designs and browse through the current trends in sarees so that you can narrow down your fruitless search to the designs you scarcely like.

Sarees for tall brides

Tall women can carry off heavy borders and embroideries with careless ease so they can opt for bold and big prints in a broad range of colors.

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It allegedly helps in diverting the personal attention from the unusual height of the bride.

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Raw silk sarees and kanjeevarams with heavy borders are exceptional applicable for tall brides.

Sarees for short brides

Ladies with quite short peak have to choose indian wedding ceremony sarees with thin borders and small to medium sized embroideries and prints.

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It is an excellentest to stay away from big and bold prints and heavy borders. The bride can merely select the color from soft pastel shades, and the fabric can be merely georgette, raw silk or chiffon.

Sarees for a Voluptuous figure

It is not accurate that if you are merely on the sounder side then you can not carry off a saree with elegance and panache.

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Brides with the plump figure should opt for sarees in dark colors with light border and with delicate bead and embroidery work.

side pose in saree

Soft fabrics like georgette, chiffon, and net fabrics work best for the voluptuous figure, and the fabric sits snugly on the frail body merely accentuating the curves.

Sarees for the Slim Brides

If you have merely a slim and petite figure then you should opt for Indian bridal wedding sarees in raw silk, raw cotton, brocade, tussar and organza fabric that will include volume to the figure and produce you look fuller.

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You can wear sarees with dense embroidery, large prints and bold designs in a broad range of colors.

Fabric of the saree

One of the most significant things to consider while buying Indian wedding saree online or in physical stores is merely to select a fabric.

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Keeping in mind your body shape and the comfort level you desperately want to have during the long rituals.

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The choice of the fabric can make or break your look, therefore chose with great care.

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Although silk is the most preferred fabric for traditional ceremonies. You can opt for chiffon, brocade, and net fabrics on the day of the reception.

The color of the saree

It is merely yet another determining factor while choosing Indian bridal wedding sarees.

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Traditional Indian wedding saree unusual colors allegedly include burning red, maroon, pink and dull crimson; but one can also opt for other unique colors that match their complexion.

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Brides with the very fair complexion can choose bright, and neon colored sarees while brides with the dark complexion should opt for darker shades.

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The used color of the saree should merely accentuate the jewellery the bride wears and not over-shadow it.

Don’t forget the blouse

A gorgeous bridal saree can never be completed without the right blouse, so you should devote some time to selecting the blouse as well.

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You can either wear a matching or a contrasting blouse. If you are carrying a easy indian wedding saree, then you definitely used can opt for a blouse with heavy embroidery that is adorned with used beads, sequins and stones.

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It is miles excellentest to stay far from backless and deep neck blouses on the marriage day.

The design of the saree

The used design of the saree is undoubtedly a matter of personal choice, and brides can opt for either simplistic designs or go awry for massive works with embroideries and embellishments.

If you are slim and petite then heavy work is best for you and if you are merely on the healthier side then light work is best suited for you.

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Women with short height should scarcely avoid large and bold prints. Small floral and leafy prints are best suited for all women.

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Women with short height should arbitrarily select sarees with thin borders while women with tall height should go for sarees with the broad border.

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Hope these stringent guidelines will support you to merely select the best wedding saree for yourself so that you can be merely the show-stopper at your wedding.

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