Indian Wedding Vs Pakistani Wedding

May 29, 2019
Indian Wedding and Pakistani Wedding Ceremony
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If you have ever had the pleasure of being invited to a desi wedding, be it Pakistani or Indian, you will notice how alike they are and also how different they can be, putting the religious differences aside.

Let us start by noticing the similarities between a Pakistani wedding and an Indian wedding.

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Heavy Cultural / Religious Meaning:

When a wedding takes place in any part of South Asia, be it Pakistan, India or Sri Lanka, the weddings are always heavily paying tribute to tradition and are religious.

People celebrate and bring in all aspects of their culture in the wedding and make sure people follow their routines as well.

While Pakistani weddings may be more towards the religious side but they also have cultures within their own communities that they follow.

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Fashion is the Most Important:

It does not matter where you belong to, fashion is the most important aspect of every desi wedding. In Christian weddings, they have a rule that no one can one up the bride but that is not the case in desi weddings.

You’ll see Shabana aunty ki beti wearing so much gold that it covers her from head to toe. It’s like a competition and everyone is a run way model.

So, yes, when it comes to a desi wedding, fashion is above everything else.

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Long Receptions:

You have to be prepared once you go to a desi wedding reception, make sure you wear your most comfortable shoes because there will be dancing, dancing and more dancing.

It does not stop, desi people have the most energy you probably have not seen that kind of energy anywhere else.

Not to forget the cake cutting ceremony, which has become a tradition in weddings everywhere, more dancing and lots and lots of pictures.

Desi people make sure that when you go home you’re so tired and worn out but it is definitely a night to remember.

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One Event after Another:

An overlap of events is very common in desi weddings, we usually have three different events; mehndi, reception and sangeet.

There are several dance performances, henna and all of that traditional stuff. The events keep going on and on and it is made sure of that they not get boring.

Depending on how large or public they make the events to be, it is a question whether we will be invited to all the events or not.

Everything has its own unique specimen, be it traditions or culture or fashion, though Indian and Pakistani weddings might be similar in some aspects but there are numerous things that differentiate the two as well, let us go on to discuss them:

Indian Weddings Can Last for Days:

We’ve all seen Indian dramas, we all know how they like to drag one wedding for days, even months. They have several events, parties and poojas.

Now, comparing that to Muslim weddings, they are generally shorter and if more events or parties take place then only close friends and family members are invited, but, a traditional Muslim wedding will only last three days maximum.

Nikkah Ceremony
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Muslim Nikkah’s are Strictly for the Family:

The wedding itself is called the Nikah, it’s where the Maulvi recites some verses from the Quran and the bride and groom both have to sign papers and agree to the wedding and then the family has a celebration called the Valima.

It is usually restricted to close families and friends, it is a matter of the family and Muslim keep it private.

Some weddings even have partitions for the men and women to be separated for religious reasons.

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Clothing in Muslim Weddings is Usually More Conservative:

If we observe more closely, we will notice that in Muslim weddings a bride is covered from head to toe and none of her body parts are exposed like they might be in an Indian wedding where a bride’s belly is often exposed where they were a choli and dresses which tend to be sure.

Likewise, the guests can also wear exposed clothing in an Indian wedding whereas it goes against religion in a Muslim wedding, so while attending one be sure to be mindful about the rules and not go to a Muslim wedding wearing a short dress.

So, here is our checklist of the things we should be aware of while attending an Indian/Pakistani wedding:

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-Check your invitations, make sure of what events you are invited to and what events you will be attending and pick out your clothes accordingly, I think that is the most important part.

-Figure out how many outfits you would need; some people tend to change their clothing between events if it is stretched out too long. So if someone really close to you is getting married and you just want to go all out with the style, change clothes during an event.

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Be colorful, do not hold back. Indians and Pakistanis are all about color, so wear your prettiest clothes, bring out matching jewelry and shoes and just make sure you shine through. Here are some ideas on desi wedding outfits that you can ace.

-Weddings are about two things, clothes and food. We have got the clothes part sorted but when it comes to food, eat like there’s no tomorrow. Honestly though, the best part about a wedding is food, make sure you try a little bit of everything, be it biryani or barbecue or Chinese, just fill your plate and just go all in on the food. Make the most of it.

-Take lots of pictures!! I mean sure, you look your best, but you also want everyone to see that you do.

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People make lots of efforts on weddings, of course it is probably the happiest day of the couple’s lives so make sure you take lots of pictures and make the day memorable.

Last but not the least, with all that couture and beauty and food, do not forget to have fun!!!!

What are your tips on attending desi weddings? Let us know in the comments below.

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