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September 29, 2019
limousine for wedding

What if everything is going smooth on your big day, just how you have planned but you forgot to book a professional car service and ended up arriving late at the venue? Doesn’t it turn off your mood? Or worst you forgot to book a ride for your guest and tolerate their tantrums afterward regarding the parking issue or difficulty to find the location etc.

You do not want to spoil your day because you have booked an uber or local car, which may turn out to be the worst decision of your life. It’s due to poor services, or lack of professionalism all of this can lessen the charm for your memorable day.

A wedding day is a lifetime event of anyone’s life. You must have plenty of things in your mind which you wanted to plan on your big day. Such as a unique dress, a particular wedding planner or makeup artist, specific food catering, a beautiful venue for your wedding, memorable honeymoon spot, etc.

What makes all of them a complete package is a luxury vehicle for your special event. Such a car can maintain quality, focus on professionalism, and can easily be arranged. You need a service not just for you but for your friends and family to make sure that every person who is close to you arrives on time at the venue.

wedding limo
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Therefore, if you are living in or near Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia no need to worry as there is a website which provides a solution to this problem. Livery access provides premium transportation black car service to its customers with a variety of luxurious cars and experienced chauffeurs. These chauffeurs who act in a respectable manner and provide you with impressive customer services.

How to Book?

With LiveryAccess you can easily book your car ( according to your requirement and need). All you need to do is to mention the pickup location, drop off location, pickup date and time, and get to know the rates of that trip at that very moment. You don’t need to worry about early bookings as liveryaccess provides their service at short notice as well to save your time and energy. 

A Broad Range of Cars 

LiveryAccess offers a range of cars according to your desire, and it contributes to making your day more memorable. You can visit the website and get to know all the details. For instance, you can see other customers reviews and blogs to let you know in more information about the services of livery access on different occasions. 

There is a FAQ option that helps you to know the answers to questions you may have in your mind regarding Livery access. Besides, you can get all the details of the services they are providing, the payment option or canceling the ride, etc. Moreover, still, if you have any question in your mind, you can contact them directly (the option is given at the top right of the website).

Audi A8

Livery Access has a variety of luxurious cars available for their customers on their website. You can select these cars as per your preferences — for instance, Audi A8 which gives you a really different comfort level as compared to other vehicles. Whether you want to book it for yourself to drop you at the venue or for your guest to pick them from the airport; it’s the best option as it has the capacity in seats like no other. It also has a large capacity for luggage; it’s a three-passenger car with three airbags for any mishap.

Cadillac Escalade

If you’re a groom who is a sporty person and wants to arrive at the location in a super luxury sports car, Cadillac Escalade must be your first preference. It’s a six-passenger car (or I should say truck) with five airbags facility. It spacious and give you feeling like it’s a mini bedroom where you can enjoy soft music and champagne. In short, this car is best for the people who want to throw their wedding party out of the city( or near the highway) or for people who prefer spacious cars for traveling.

cadillac escalade limo service
Source : Emperor Limousine

Chevrolet suburban

Now I will talk about the third vehicle available on this website, i.e., “Chevrolet suburban.” It is a complete package of comfort, interior design, and exterior styling. This car has all safety features one could ask for and the most exciting part is it’s also a sporty and spacious car. So, if you are that bride who wanted to travel with her best friends and bride’s maid to pick and drop you at the venue, this car is best. It’s because of its large capacity( somewhat same as Cadillac Escalade). This means now you have an additional option to select if you prefer these features.

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Source : Silverfoxlimos

Mercedes Benz S550

No doubt Mercedes Benz S550 is the perfect luxury car, it stands out among all other and takes comfort to some different level. It has five different settings for a massage with soft material used for seats along with beautiful interior and exterior. Therefore, if you are a groom or bride whose first preference is comfort while traveling, “Mercedes Benz S550” should be your choice.

Source : Exotic Limousine

The Services 

Livery access targets the customer from Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia. But, it can take them anywhere from tri-state region. They provide services for different events and occasions.

These services include airport transfer, to pick you up after the flight, unique date night to provide pick and drop service to you and your partner, corporate event to make every guest arrives on time, hourly charters to offer service for a specific time frame and lastly your wedding day. Your wedding day is a day in which you wanted to cherish every moment and wanted to make it as memorable as possible.

As it’s the most special day of your life, you must want to give it a touch of a particular theme of your own or your partner’s preference in every single thing.

Similarly, when you want to make the decision for the transportation service, you must not compromise on the selection of luxury car brand and their services.

LiveryAccess is one of those luxury car brands that focus on quality and customer preference. If you’re one of those couples who prefer comfort then Audi A8 and Mercedes Benz S5550 you must go with.

LiveryAccess is offering their service for Audi A8 from $80/hour and Mercedes Benz S550 from $90/hour with premium customer service and well – mannered chauffeur who is entirely professional. On the other hand, if you’re one of those couples who want to ride in a spacious car for an off-road trip, “Cadillac escalade” and “Chevrolet Suburban” must be your dream car. The services provided by the company will be a cherry on the top for all your planning and will contribute to making your day more memorable.


Weddings are considered to be a big day in one’s life. Also, it is an important day for the people who take care of all the arrangements, manage the event, and attend it. 

In order to make it up to the mark, you can rely on Livery access for making your day more special and to contribute to it as per your expectations. So don’t worry about your special occasion anymore and knock them to get your limo at your desired destination.

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