May 16, 2018

The type of wedding I’m going to cover today is full of spiritual and emotional festivities.

Yes, you guessed it right. Today; it is going to be an Indian Wedding; where it is all about vibrant colors and big expressive smiles everywhere.

The couple Preet and Manvir, came to us with unfinished ideas in their minds.

 Of course; we are there to complete them with our innovative style of making each memory beautiful for every couple.

This adorable couple wanted not to go for pure traditional style.

In fact, they were looking for some fusion of both Western and Eastern looks.

Keeping this in mind, we covered there traditional events as they were and offered them an outdoor shoot in Western look.

The event followed like Mehndi,Sangeet, Baraat, Reception and the outdoor shoot!

Just like other Indian Weddings, Preet and Manvir wedding kicks-off with Mehndi ceremony.

Celebrated by the Bride’s family, the Mehendi Ceremony is an amusing ritual observance that derives its origin from the Traditional Indian customs.

In this ceremony, Mehendi is put in the hands and feet of the bride, in beautiful and intricate designs, especially done with the help of an expert.

And Preet was no exception, the beautiful mehndi design on Preet’s hands can be seen below.

Here I captured some of the moments of Chooda ceremony.

According to this ritual the bride’s maternal uncle gifted Preet with a set of red and white bangles, dipped in milk before presenting.

Golden ornaments called Kalires are tied to the bangles.

After Mehndi, there are a few click of Sangeet, that has its own significance in Sikh wedding rituals.

The following click is what I took before the event to show the set up which is quite grand and vibrant.

Now is the time to give this honor to my camera and capture the shots of this beautiful Mehndi bride, Preet; who is celebrating her wedding events with loads of pomp and merry.

In this Sikh marriage ritual,  the holy water is brought from the Gurdwara and the couple is to take a bath with this water.

The water is to be brought by the sisters-in-law of the couple in a gharoli.

Here, Preet is holding one beautifully decorated Gharoli and looking the purest bride ever.

Here it is Roka Thaka which is a parental consent. It is considered to be of utmost importance when it comes to a Sikh wedding rituals.

Be it a love marriage or an arranged one; the parents of both the partners must show their consent for the union before the marriage proceedings can go further.

Below is the perfectly captured moment, when the prettiest bride and hunk groom are performing Roka.

Capturing the most wedding intimate moments of the couple was my favorite part.

Since I always try to keep it candid and full of emotions and feelings; so here is the one:

Here I present you some clicks from the preparation phase.

When Preet got ready and looked extremely ravishing; we did not forget to closely capture her traditional attire with beautiful jewellery and Kalire.

Then my eyes found a way to capture this Sherwani suit and matching khussa; that were waiting to be lit up on Manvir, the groom to be!

Now comes the time of Sehra Bandai.

The following click beautifully captured the moment that expresses the love of sister and brother bond.

The sister of the groom; Mavir ties the Sehra, a curtain made of a string of pearls; around the turban and covering the groom’s face.

The wedding photography seems incomplete without a perfect family click.

Which is why we insisted; Preet and Manvir to stand with their family to cherish this moment whole of their life.

The time of Doli was finally upon Preet.

This is when the bride bids an emotional farewell to her family and proceeds to her husband’s house.

As Preet departed, she threw a handful of rice backwards towards her mom; thanking her family for raising her nicely  and trying to repay them.

This was the most emotional moment I captured during this whole wedding.

It is when Preet had tears in her eyes, and Manvir was holding her hands; looking at her with so much love and affection.

My God, this is what Indian Wedding is all about, full of feelings and love!

Here comes the post wedding event; which is the wedding reception.

It’s given by Manvir’s family to celebrate the wedding with extended family, relatives, friends and acquaintances.

The couple rocked the stage with colors that truly complimented their personalities.

The most candid moment that I never wanted to miss capturing was this ring exchanging moment.

This is undoubtedly my favorite part of the whole shoot.

Lastly, a click from our outdoor shoot to make this wonderful wedding event more extravagant and memorable.

The way they are hugging each other tells us a lot about the purity of their relationship.

 I wish both Preet and Manvir, a very happy married life.

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