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April 20, 2019
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Before you’ll have your eye on the prize under that chuppah, your guests will have an eye on the aisle. The space on which you’ll walk to say “I do” will be the first hint of what’s in store for the evening. This is the place to set the mood, express your vision, and impress your guests. So show your style down the aisle for the best wedding decor.

Your friends and family arrive at your venue and whether it’s a synagogue, mosque, church, garden, country club, museum, or hotel patio, they will no doubt comment on the arrangements you’ve chosen for the chairs and aisle. The overall set up may be traditional with rows of chairs, interactive with an in-the-round arrangement, or, even, innovative with a spiral seating pattern. It can be fun to think about how you want your guests to be seated and view your ceremony under the chuppah. If it’s your personality to be different, here’s your chance!

Then think about what you’re actually going to walk on as you mosey down the aisle. Runner or no runner? If you’d like a runner, do you want it to be a simple, solid color or white? Or, would you rather choose a runner that has a pattern stitched in like a damask or a floral motif? Is your head hurting yet?

Flowers! Rarely do we see weddings that just don’t have flowers. Flowers are a must, right? But are they a must down your aisle? Up to you! Specially in Indian Weddings they love to use tons of flowers, If you do choose to have flowers on your aisle, perhaps you’ll be inspired by these images of petals lining the perimeter, scattered randomly, heavily carpeted, or in a design. Florists and event designers can execute so many different creations!

You might forgo petals and use other types of arrangements. Glass containers with flowers or even fruit add splashes of color down the aisle. These can be reused in your reception, too, so you’re saving money and a little bit of Mother Nature as well. Go green and save green? Win-win!

Shepherd’s hooks are also popular down the aisle. Pomanders can be hung from the hooks for floral accents that also have depth, adding a 3D quality. Shepherd’s hooks look great especially in garden settings because they’re soft and almost fairy tale-like. If you want hanging flowers, but want to nix the hooks, just hang some floral pomanders from the frames of the chairs. Super delicate and dainty — and that’s just divine!

Lit lanterns hanging from the hooks could also look formal and romantic for a dusk or night time ceremony where flowers may not be as visible. Evening ceremonies might also feature giant votives clustered down the aisle for a very dramatic effect.

If you want to minimize the tsotchkes down the aisle and prefer a cleaner and simpler look, you can just do bunches of flowers attached to every few rows of chairs, threaded together by chiffon. This is a classic look that also allows for flower re-purposing at the reception.

There are so many ways you can establish your wedding look at the ceremony! Don’t be afraid to try new things, but also remember to stay true to yourselves as a couple. Voice your ideas to your florist or coordinator, but trust their experience. Remember, they’ve most likely worked the same venue before and they know what’s possible and what looks great on the property.

Ceremony decor down the aisle is a perfect environment to utilize your color scheme. You can neutralize other areas of your wedding, but flowers, ribbons, fabrics, and hard materials like jars and aluminums are perfect for producing a finished color palette. As soon as they sit their tushies down in the chairs, your guests should be able to tell if your wedding is going to be vintage and rustic, timeless and formal, modern and chic. By implementing your ideas through your ceremony decor, your wedding will become a unique representation of you!

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